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Latest Updates to Connect

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Latest Updates to Connect


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December 17th, 2013


- Ability for some fields in forms to auto populate in online reports

- enhaced feedback to the online orders in USDA.

- Adjustment to font sizes when viewed on IPAD device.

- Added Popup instruction boxes to forms.


Nov 1st, 2013 - New Site Launched

- Complete rebuild of the connect site for smoother operation.

- seperation of monthly reports by Fiscal year

- Addition of new monthly pantry report.

- ability to go back and edit past reports

- Eliminated case management link




August 26, 2013 - V3.1.23
- Fixed Past Pantry report view

- Fixed Past USDA Report view

- Fixed Printer frindly view for printing out reports


August 14, 2013 - V3.1.20
- Fixed Shopping cart access and layout in the Order USDA Products section

- Added link to shopping cart for USDA and Foodpantry Purchases


August 12, 2013 - V3.1.18
- Fixed database issues with site functionality
- Fixed template issue site appearance on Internet explorer
- Fixed access control issue with USDA
- Fixed Back-end issue with the ability for program managers to edit pages
- Fixed Search box inability to search
- Fixed issue with site not displaying correctly on mobile devices
- Fixed bug with form submissions.
- Fixed online ordering system
- Fixed date issue on forms
- Fixed timezone issue on site
- Fixed map for the community partners section
- Fixed password lockout issue with user accounts
- Fixed issues with users getting kicked off suddenly
- Took USDA SDI application offline until program can be fixed
- Took Pantry reports offline until report can be fixed


August 5 - 11, 2013 - Site taken offline due to stability, apearance, and functionality issues.



July 29, 2013 - V3.0.3


- Attempt release to fix issue with site stability and it crashing suddenly on users.

- Bug fix with forms not showing

- Bug fix with USDA users not having access to USDA portion of site

- Bug fix with email notifications for form submissions



July 8, 2013 - V3.0.2

- fixed issue with form calculations

- Fixed bug with form submissions.

- Fixed bug with new pantry reports not showing correctly

- Fixed bug with USDA orders not being able to chose a product 

- Bug Fix with site crashing unexpectedly


June 18, 2013 - V3.0.0


This release has significant modifications to the back-end as well as allowing us the ability to further improve the site with newer features and content.

- New forms

- New SDI client management

- New Neighbor to neighbor form section

- New and easy-to-use back-end for program managers


May 10, 2013 - V2.11.6

- Changed User Rating system to one vote per article per user

- Reset Forms for upcoming FY 2013-2014 classification